New Physics Contest (CaYPT) Classes         (Register Now)

New Physics Contest (CaYPT) Classes (Register Now)


Dear parents and students,


Olympiads School will open new physics competition classes (CaYPT), which prepare for the International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT).


What is the IYPT?

The International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT), sometimes referred to as “Physics World Cup”, is a term-oriented competition between secondary school students.

Every year, the International Organizing Committee (IOC), consisting of physics teachers and professors from the participating countries, releases 17 problems for students to investigate and complete. These problems differ from conventional contest questions and encourage real research. The completion of these problems requires a student to read and understand published research journals and develop a model to explain the phenomenon in question. Then the student is required to design and construct their own experiment to test their theory. The results and findings of their study will be presented and challenged at the tournament. During the tournament, Physics Fight (PF) will allow the student to meet students from other teams and debate about each other’s research.


How to participate in the IYPT

In Canada, if a student wants to participate in the IYPT, the student must find four other students in his or her own school to study the published physics problems together. After forming the team, the five students must design experimental hypothesis, conduct experiments, collect data, analyze data, and finally form conclusions. Once the students have worked on the problems together, they need to participate in the Canadian Young Physicists’ Tournament (CYPT) in March of every year. If the students perform well in the national competition, they can represent Canada in the International Young Physicists’ Tournament.



Olympiads School Students Achievements from participating IYPT since 2016

  • IYPT 2016, Yekaterinburg. Members achievement: Jerry Zheng got accepted into Oxford University
  • IYPT 2017, Singapore, Bronze Medal. Members achievement: Patrick Prochazka got accepted into Johns Hopkins University; Richard Zhu got accepted into Princeton University; Vivian He got accepted into University of Chicago
  • IYPT 2018, Beijing, Bronze Medal. Members achievement: Dave Singh got accepted into Princeton University; Judy Liu got accepted into UCLA; Yang Chen got accepted into UC Berkley; Tony Cao got accepted into Duke University.
  • IYPT 2019, Warsaw, Bronze Medal. Members achievement: Andrew Marin got accepted into University of Pennsylvania (M&T); Raymond Lin got accepted into Duke University.
  • IYPT 2020, Colombia, Gold Medal (first place).


The Course Date and Time

  • Junior Class (At least completed Grade 11 Physics): Saturday 1:20pm ‐ 3:50pm
  • Senior Class (At least completed AP Physics): Saturday 10:30am ‐ 1:00pm




Online class via zoom. Prepare experiment kits for students. Senior class students may be required to pay a deposit. Class will have theory section and experiment section. Instructor will demonstrate the experiment and coach the students via video call.

If you are interested in the courses, please click here to register.

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Olympiads School