U.S. University Application Seminar Series

Hosted by Cha Cha Yang – Harvard Graduate and Interviewer

Cha Cha Yang grew up in Toronto and went on to attend Harvard College from 2015-2019 on full financial aid. While in high school, Cha Cha studied at Olympiads School for three years. At Harvard, Cha Cha studied Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a minor in History of Science. After graduating, Cha Cha started working at a life sciences consulting firm in Boston where she provides commercial and policy strategies to companies in the healthcare space. She is currently working on a pricing and distribution case for one of the COVID-19 vaccines.


In addition to her job, Cha Cha also currently serves as an interviewer for Harvard, mainly for the Toronto region. Cha Cha recognizes that the college application process can be complex, opaque, and difficult to navigate, especially if you come from an under-resourced background. She is committed to helping to demystify the process by equipping students with important information needed to put together a competitive application and sharing her own journey from a small public school in Toronto to the most prestigious university in the world.

Cha Cha Yang 在多伦多长大,2015 – 2019年入读哈佛大学并获全额奖学金。在读高中期间,Cha Cha在奥林匹克学校学习了三年。在哈佛大学,她主修Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology, 副修History of Science。毕业后,Cha Cha开始在波士顿的一家生命科学咨询公司工作,为医疗保健领域的公司提供商业和政策策略咨询服务。她们团队目前正在为一个COVID-19疫苗的定价和分销案例提供咨询。


Cha Cha目前还担任哈佛大学的面试官(主要对多伦多地区)。从自己的成长经历,Cha Cha认识到名牌大学申请过程是个很复杂的过程,不透明且难以把控,对来自资源匮乏的普通高中学生们可能更加困难。申读名校不是一个简单的申请,而是一个系统工程。Cha Cha愿意将自己的心得体会和经验教训与同学及家长们一起分享讨论,如何从一个普通公立高中走入世界顶级名校。