Achievement 2016 – 2017

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Mathematics Competitions


1) International Mathematics Olympiad

  • Gold Medal: William Zhao
  • Silver Medal: Thomas Guo, Victor Rong


The person from right wearing the black shirt is Matthew Brennan. He was an team observer. He was a past Olympiads School student and two times IMO participant. He received a bronze medal in 2011 and silver medal in 2012. He is currently an electric engineering graduate student at MIT.

Three out of the six IMO participants (flag holder) are from Olympiads School.

From left to right: William Zhao, Allen Jiang (Olympiads Math teacher), Thomas Guo, Victor Rong

2) Canadian Mathematics Olympiad (CMO

  • First Place: Thomas Guo
  • Third Place: Victor Rong
  • Honourable Mentions: Michael Li, Jason Yuen, William Zhao

Thomas Guo (left 1), Victor Rong (left 2), Jeffrey Liu (left 3), Jason Yuen (right 2), William Zhao (rigth 1)



From left to right: Allen Jiang (Olympiads Math teacher), William Zhao, Victor Rong,
Po-Shen Loh (The national coach of the United States’ International Math Olympiad team)

3) USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO)

  • Winners: Victor Rong, William Zhao (Total: 12 students)

The winners of the 46th annual United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) were announced June 5 during a ceremony at the U.S. Department of State.

4) Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC)

  • Gold Medal: Thomas Guo
  • Silver Medal: Ben Wei
  • Honor Roll: Jason Yuen, William Zhao


Thomas Guo (left 1), William Zhao ( left 3), Ben Wei (right 3), Jason Yuen (right 1)

5) Euclid Math Contest

  • First place: Thomas Guo (Plaques)
  • Second place: Howard Halim
  • Fourth place: Jason Yuen
  • Honourable Mentions: George Mo, Victor Rong

Thomas Guo

6) American Mathematics Competitions (AMC)

AMC 8 (Canada)

  • Perfect Scores: Thomas Guo, Andrew Liang
  • Distinguished Honor Roll: Benjamin Dong, Eric Shen, Yingwen Bu, Haozheng Dong, Ethan Hu, Daniel Yang.
  • School Honor Roll: Olympiads School, First Place in Canada region

(in the name of Victoria International College)

AMC 12 A (Canada)

  • Distinguished Honor Roll

1st:Victor Rong

2nd:Thomas Guo, Ben Wei

9th:Michael Li

12th:Howard Halim

  • Honor Roll

1st: Jerry Bao, Peter Wu

  • School Merit Roll: Olympiads School, First Place in Canada region

AMC 12 B

  • Distinguished Honor Roll

2nd: Peter Wu

4th: Michael Li

5th: William Zhao

6th: Thomas Guo

8th: Howard Halim, Victor Rong, Ben Wei

  • Honor Roll:

1st: Jason Yuen

2nd: Guo Zheng

  • School Merit Roll: Olympiads School, Second Place in Canada region



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Physics Competitions

 1) International Physics Olympiads (IPHO)

  • Gold Medal: Mingyang Ye
  • Silver Medal: Guo Zheng
  • Bronze Medal: Henry Tang

In 2017, three Olympiads School students, Henry Tang, Guo Zheng, and Mingyang Ye qualified for the International Physics Olympiads.

Guo Zheng (left), Henry Tang (Middle), Mingyang Ye (right)

Two of our teachers, Allen Jiang and Ryan Lin have also been invited to the IPhO team as observers.

Mr. Lin (left 1) and Mr. Jiang (right 4)

2) International Young Physicist Tournament (IYPT)

Olympiads School represented Canada as the official team in the 2017 IYPT in Singapore and received bronze medal.

Olympiads School represented Canada as the official team in the 2016 IYPT in Russia

Teacher-Allen Jiang (Left 1), Teacher-Ryan Lin (left 2), Vivian He (left 5),

Joseph Diao (left 6), Guo Zheng (right 5), Alan Wang (right 4), Jim Chen (right 3)

3) Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP)

  • 1st:Guo Zheng
  • 2nd:Mingyang Ye
  • 4th:Michael Li
  • 6th:Henry Tang

Guo Zheng (left 1),  Michael Li (left 2),  Mingyang Ye (right 3), Henry Tang (ring 1)


4) American Physics Bowl

Overall Division 2

  • Sixth Place: Mingyang Ye
  • Seventh Place: George Mo

Canadian region

Division 1:

  • First Place: Howard Halim
  • Second Place: Henry Tang

Division 2

  • First Place: Yukai Zhang
  • Overall School Rank: Olympiads School – Fifth Place




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Computer Competitions


1) International Olympiad of Informatics (IOI)

  • Gold Medal: Jason Yuen, Brian Chau
  • Bronze Medal: Joey Yu

Brian Chau (left 1), Jason Yuen (left 2), Joey Yu (right 3)


2) Canadian Computing Olympiad (CCO)

  • Gold Medallists: Jason Yuen, Brian  Chau,  Joey Yu
  • Silver Medallists: Thomas Guo, Victor Rong, William Wen
  • Bronze Medallists: Roger Fu, Jim Gao, Ryan Jiang, Max Li, Jeffrey Liu, Nathan Lo, Justin Pu, Bill Qin, Arielle Shannon, Ao Shen, Allan Xu, Joey Zhong

Olympiads School students in a computer science class


3) Canadian Computing Competition (CCC)

Out of a total of 29 students across Canada who qualified for the Canadian Computing Olympiad, 18 of them are from Olympiads School. They are:

Fu, Jim Gao,  Ryan Jiang, Max Li, Jeffrey Liu, Nathan Lo, Justin Pu, Bill Qin,  Shannon Arielle, Ao Shen, Allan Xu, Joey  Zhong…


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Chemistry Competition

Olympiads School student Hermish Mehta received silver medal at the International Chemistry Olympiad competition 2017 in Nakhon Patho, Thailand.


Canadian Chemistry Olympiad team, Hermish Mehta


Biology Competition

Olympiads School student Jenny Zhang received bronze medal at the International Biology Olympiad competition 2017 in Coventry, England.


Jenny Zhang working on experiments at Olympiads School

Debate Competitions

1) Team Canada

  • Adithya Chakravarthy, Grade 11, and Naomi Panovka, Grade 9, both made the final roster for Team Canada


  • Matthew Wang, Grade 11, made the final selection tournament


  • Dasha Metropolitansky, Grade 11, and Alykhan Jetha, Grade 11, are both continuing on the team from last year

Dasha Metropolitansky (left), Alykhan Jetha (right)

2) 2017 CSDF Junior National Debate Championships


  • Champions Angela Li and Max Xu, Grade 9


  • 6th Speaker Angela Li, Grade 9

3) Harvard College World Schools Invitational

  • 4th Speaker Angel Gu Grade 11
  • Quarterfinalist Alykhan Jetha, Grade 11
  • Octofinalists Angel Gu, Jonathan Liu, and Jocelyn Chow, Grades 10 and 11
  • Octofinalists Angela Li, Max Xu, and Adithya Chakravarthy, Grades 9 and 11

4) Ontario Junior Provincial Championships

  • Champions – Anna Ma and Jenny Fann, Grade 9 (advancing to Junior Nationals)
  • Third Place – Max Xu and Angela Li, Grade 9 (advancing to Junior Nationals)
  • Fifth Place – Glenn Wang, Grade 9 (advancing to Junior Nationals)

5) Hart House

  • Finalist Naomi Panovka, Grade 10
  • Semifinalists Angel Gu and Adithya Chakravarthy, Grade 11
  • Semifinalist Jarrod Bai, Grade 12
  • Quarterfinalists Jeffrson Chen and George Yun (both former), Grade 12
  • Quarterfinalist Jonathan Liu, Grade 10
  • Quarterfinalists Angela Li and Max Wu, Grade 9
  • Junior Final Champions Angela Li and Max Wu, Grade 9
  • 10th Speaker Naomi Panovka, Grade 10
  • Top Junior Speaker Angela Li, Grade 9
  • 2nd Junior Speaker Max Wu, Grade 9

6) Ontario Senior Provincial Championships

  • Semifinalist Jocelyn Chow (advancing to Sr. Nats), Grade 11
  • 7th place team Naomi Panovka (1st alternate for Sr. Nats), Grade 10
  • 6th speaker Brent Leung, Grade 12
  • 10th speaker (tie) Jocelyn Chow, Grade 11

7) McGill Bonanza

  • Top Speaker and Finalist Naomi Panovka, Grade 10
  • 4th Speaker Tian Yu, Grade 11

8) Queen’s National High School Championship

  • Champions Dasha Metropolitansky and Heather Wong, Grade 11 and 12, respectively
  • Quarterfinalist Naomi Panovka, Grade 10
  • Quarterfinalist Ethan Strathdee, Grade 11
  • Octofinalist Jack Pan, Grade 12
  • Octofinalist Brent Leung, Grade 12
  • Octofinalist Alex Wang, Grade 12
  • Octofinalist Jocelyn Chow, Grade 11
  • Top Speaker Naomi Panovka, Grade 10
  • 4th Speaker Ethan Strathdee, Grade 11

9) Oxford National Qualifier

  • Finalists Alykhan Jetha and Adithya Chakravarthy, Grade 11
  • Finalist Brent Leung, Grade 12 (Advancing to Oxford Cup in England)
  • 9th Speaker Adithya Chakravarthy, Grade 11

10) Ontario Oxford Cup Qualifier

  • Finalists Alykhan Jetha and Adithya Chakravarthy, Grade 11
  • Finalist Brent Leung, Grade 12
  • Semifinalists Jefferson Chen and Josh Kan, Grade 12 and 11, respectively
  • Semifinalists Ethan Strathdee, Grade 12
  • Semifinalist Jonathan Liu, Grade 10
  • 6th Speaker Alykhan Jetha, Grade 11
  • 7th Speaker Ethan Strathdee, Grade 12
  • 9th Speaker Brent Leung, Grade 12

Olympiads School students in Debate Level 4 class

11) McGill Fall High School Tournament

  • Champions Heather Wong and Dasha Metropolitansky (former), Grades 12 and 11,


  • Finalist Jonathan Liu, Grade 10
  • Semifinalists Adithya Chakravarthy and Alykhan Jetha, Grade 11
  • Semifinalist Ethan Strathdee, Grade 12
  • 3rd Speaker Dasha Metropolitansky, Grade 11
  • 4th Heather Wong, Grade 12
  • 4th Adithya Chakravarthy, Grade 11
  • 7th Alykhan Jetha, Grade 11
  • 7th Jonathan Liu, Grade 10
  • Top Junior Speaker Alice Chen, Grade 9

English Writing Competitions

1Polar Expressions Publishing

In the National Student Short-Story Contests, Mingmei Dang got First Prize.


Mr. Morash (left 2), Rose Gao (right 2), Mingmei Dong (right 1)



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2Young Writers

  • In “The Night’s Voice – School Prize Winners”, Olympiads School received second place.
  • In “The Night’s Voice – Student Prize Winners”, Olympiads School student, Rose Gao received second place in the 12-15 group.

3Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 

  • Rose Gao Gold Key Flash Fiction Treasures Lost at Sea
  • Rose Gao Gold Key Short Story Wisdom of the Years Gone By
  • Sherry Shu Gold Key Science Fiction/Fantasy The Young Sapling
  • Yiling Yang Gold Key Humor Therapy For the Mentally Not Ill

Jessica Yu Gold Key Short Story Shooting for the Stars

Jessic Yu (left 4), Sherry Shu (right 2)

Private School Entrance Exam SSAT

  • In 2017, 28 of Olympiads School SSAT Middle Level students received UTS stage 1 acceptance. Out of the 28 students, 23 of them received a score of 2000 (out of 2130) or above. Yifang Liang received the highest score of 2127.


  • In the SSAT Upper Level class, 8 of our students received UTS stage 1 acceptance. Joshua Li received a score of 2385 (out of 2400).

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