Below is a list of commonly asked questions by parents and students about our school.

Do courses at Olympiads have homework?

Yes. We have homework for every class and our teachers also mark each homework.

What's your class size?

Our class sizes vary depending on the subject. For example, math and science classes can have about 20 to 25 students. English classes have about 20 students. Most of the other classes have fewer than 15 students.

Do you use your own teaching materials or the Ontario designated curriculum materials?

We use our own teaching materials designed by our teachers. However, all of our materials follow the general Ontario curriculum guide.

Do you register contest for students?

We are able to register most of the Canadian and American math and science contests.

Can I drop a course and get a refund at any time?

Yes, you can drop a course at any time and we will refund all your remaining credit.

Is there discount for multiple courses?


Is there refund for absent classes?

Starting 2017 January, there is no refund for the absent classes. For any missed class throughout the week, there are other sessions that students can join temporarily as a makeup class. If the missed class is on Sunday, please join a makeup class before then, as a new cycle will begin the following Tuesday.

Is Olympiads tuition tax deductible?

There is no more tax deductible credit which can be applied to Olympiads School tuition starting 2017.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cheque, debit card, and cash.

Is there parking at the school?

Yes, we have lots of parking spots available.