About our School

Olympiads School is an enriched primary and secondary education services provider. We offer enhanced learning in subjects that are taught both in and outside of high schools. We focus on the regular curriculum and highest end of academic competitions across all disciplines, including mathematics, science, language arts, debating, and business. We also offer university application, academic counselling, and peer seminars to inspire and help students navigate post-secondary learning options.

Our culturally responsive and relevant pedagogy ensures that students acquire a robust foundation to grow. As well, it enables students to freely explore their individual interests and reach their full potential.

Our Mission

To nurture deep and lifelong passion in learning. To guide students to recognize their unique passion and fulfill their potential.

Our Philosophy

Beyond training students for standardized tests and summative assessments, our classes are taught by teachers who are committed to providing a comprehensive educational experience. We recognized that students have different learning needs, styles, interests, and passions. As we listen to parents and students and incorporate valuable feedback into our curricula development, our teachers continue to experiment with differentiated instruction by tailoring our courses to suit students’ individual needs.

Our Values

For us, student success is not solely based on test results. It is about understanding the knowledge and challenging themselves to achieve higher standards so that they will be better prepared for the future.

School History

Olympiads School was founded in the fall of 2004. During its first year, the school offered math courses to a small group of students; but as the enrollment grew, we opened up other courses such as computer science and English in response to parents’ requests.

Over the next decade, as the number of students grew, so did the scope of academic interests. We realized it was no longer enough to just focus on mathematics competitions. We begin to gradually add more courses and services to address student needs.

Every year since 2008, we have had students either attending international Olympiad level competitions or accepted into the best universities around the world, especially in the U.S. In recent years, we have developed even more new courses and services to build a more engaging and comprehensive learning environment for our students.

Let's Talk

We understand selecting courses is not a simple task, which is why we strongly recommend parents to book a consultation with us before registering any courses. We tailor our programs to students’ needs, so they get the most out of studying at Olympiads School.