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2018 Summer Registration Notice

The tentative 2018 Summer Semester timetable has been posted on our website. The summer semester registration will begin on May 7th. We will follow a priority registration policy. For more information, please Click Here.


  • To avoid crowdedness at the front desk, the priority registration periods are staggered based on grades.



Priority Registration Begins

Priority Registration Ends

Special Course

G6-8 (Current Students)

May 7th


May 14th

·         French Beginner/Level 1 (requires an assessment test)

·         Public Speaking G8-9

·         Debate Level 1 (for grade 7 and above with public speaking background)

G9-10 current students and below G6 new students

May 15th


May 21st

·         Debate 2 and above

·         Programming (requires MathG9 curriculum)

·         Computer Contest (requires  programming background)

G11-12 current students and below G8 new students

May 22nd


May 27th

All new students

May 28th



Olympiads School has released the summer course schedule. We advise all parents and students to read it carefully and inform us if there are any issues. For summer courses scheduling manual, please Click Here.

2016 – 2017 Competition Awards

Mathematics Competitions

~Canadian Mathematics Olympiad (CMO)          ~USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO)          ~Euclid Math Contest

~Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC)         ~AmericanMathematics Competitions (AMC)

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Physics Competitions

~International Physics Olympiads (IPHO)          ~International Young Physicist Tournament (IYPT)

~Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP)

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Chemistry Competition

~International Chemistry Olympiad (ICO)

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Biology Competition

~International Biology Olympiads (IBO)

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Debate Competitions

~Team Canada          ~2017 CSDF Junior National Debate Championships          ~Harvard College World Schools Invitational

~Ontario Junior Provincial Championships          ~Ontario Senior Provincial Championships           ~Hart House

~Oxford National Qualifier          ~Ontario Oxford Cup Qualifier          ~McGill Fall High School Tournament

~Queen’s National High School Championship          ~McGill Bonanza

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English Writing Competitions

~Polar Expressions Publishing          ~Scholastic Art & Writing Awards          ~Young Writers

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Private School Entrance Exam (SSAT)

~SSAT Middle Level          ~SSAT Upper Level

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