Achievements 2019 – 2020


Due to the impact of COVID-19, some national and international competitions were cancelled in 2020. The following are the results of some competitions from 2019 to 2020. Click each link below to view the results.

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US and UK University Acceptance

In 2020, more than 25 students from Olympiads School have been accepted into elite US and UK universities. Below is the admission for some of the students:


  • Harvard University: Angela Li, Alice Chen, Eric Shen, Justin Ye
  • Princeton University: Dave Singh, Jerry Jiao, Kun Guo
  • Stanford University: Ananya Chadha, Andrew Liu,
  • University of California, Berkeley: Yang Chen, Renee Jiang, Ivan Kwan
  • Carnegie Mellon University: Alex Xu, David Tang
  • University of Cambridge: Bill Chen
  • Duke University: Tong Cao, Raymond Lin
  • University of California, Los Angeles: Laura Lu, Andrew Chen
  • New York University (Business School): Edward Wang
  • University of Pennsylvania: Jack Zhang, Tom Liu (Wharton School)
  • University of Pennsylvania (Management and Technology): Andrew Marin
  • Harvard University (Law School): Cindy Zeng, Jeffery Jiang

Alex Xu

(Carnegie Mellon University)

Alice Chen

(Harvard University)

Angela Li

(Harvard University)

Eric Shen

(Harvard University)

Justin Ye

(Harvard University)

Cindy Zeng

(Harvard Law School)

Devdigvijay Singh

(Princeton University)

Jerry Jiao

(Princeton University)

Ananya Chadha

(Stanford University)

Andrew Liu

(Stanford University)

Renee Jiang

(UC Berkeley)

Yang Chen

(UC Berkeley)

Laura Lu


Andrew Marin

(University of Pennsylvania M&T dual degree)

Jack Zhang

(University of Pennsylvania (Wharton))

Tom Liu

(University of Pennsylvania (Wharton))

Mathematics Competitions


1) International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)


In 2020, 4 students from Olympiads school were selected for the 6-menber national team and represented Canada in the IMO. They were:

  • Gold Medal: Thomas Guo,Michael Li,Eric Shen
  • Bronze Medal: David Tang


2) Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (CMO)

In 2020, 2 students from Olympiad School were in the top 3. They were:


  • First Place: Thomas Guo, with prize $2000 and a champion trophy
  • Third Place: Michael Li, with prize $1000


Three students from Olympiads School were listed in the Honorable Mentions (4th to 9th Place). They were Andrew Dong, Eric Shen and Daniel Yang.


3) Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC)


In 2020, 15 students from across Canada won the Canadian Champions and 5 of them were from Olympiads School. They were:


  • Silver Medal: Thomas Guo
  • Bronze Medal: Michael Li
  • Honor Roll: Andrew Dong, Eric Shen, David Tang


Olympiads School’s students also did an amazing job in different Grades Divisions:


  • Grade 12 (awarded to 9 students in total, 2 students from Olympiad school)
    • Silver – Michael Li
    • Bronze – David Tang


  • Grade 11 (awarded 8 students in total, 3 students from Olympiads school)
    • Silver – Thomas Guo
    • Bronze – Eric Shen
    • Honor Roll – Andrew Dong


  • Grade 10 (awarded eleven students in total, four students from Olympiads school)
    • Silver – Daniel Yang
  • Honor Roll – Hao Cui, Kai Wen Yang, Amelie Zhou


  • Grade 9 (awarded seven students in total, two students from Olympiads school)
    • Honor Roll – Willian Dai and Jerry Wang


4) Canadian Mathematics Winter Camp


In 2020, 14 students in total from Canada were invited to the 2020 Canadian Mathematics Winter Camp. There were 7 students from Olympiads School who received invitation to the Winter Camp. They were Thomas Guo, Michael Li, Andrew Dong, David Tang, Eric Shen, Amelie Zhou and Catherine Zheng.


5) Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiads (APMO)


In the 2020 APMO, a total of 10 students from Canada received various honours and 5 students from Olympiads School received top 3 among all Canadian participants.


  • Gold: Thomas Guo (1st Place)
  • Silver: Michael Li (2nd Place)
  • Silver: David Tang (3rd Place)
  • Bronze: Eric Shen
  • Honor Roll: Daniel Yang


6) European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO)


Olympiad student Amelie Zhou was selected for the national team, which consists of 4 students.


7) United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO)


In 2020, a total of 6 Canadian students qualified for the USAMO and 3 of them were from Olympiads School. They were: Thomas Guo, Michael Li and David Tang. Thomas Guo won the Winners award (16 people in total), Michael Li won the Honorable Mentions (15 people in total).


8) American Mathematics Competition AMC 10/12


In 2020, about 43 students qualified for the AIME through 2020 AMC 10/12 A & B. Olympiads’ student Michael Li won 2nd place in Canada in the AMC12 A and 1st place in Canada at AMC12 B.

Physics Competitions


1) International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT)


In 2020, 3 students from the Olympiads school were selected for the 5-member national team to represented Canada in the 33nd IYPT and received a team Gold medal.


Before participating in the IYPT, all the team members were trained at the Olympiads School. They were Daniel Yang, Martin Zhao, Tracy Zhang, Xiong Xiong Pei and Stone Yang.


2) International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA)


In the 2020 Canadian National Astronomy Olympiad, a total of 11 students were on the honor roll and 8 students from the Olympiads School were selected. They were: Ethan Hu, Daniel Yang, Richard Zhang, Charles Cai, Rena Liu, Zhaoyan Sun, Hector Chen, and Eric Du.


Due to the COVID-19, the 2020 IOAA is held online. Each country is allowed to form two representative teams. Canada sent two representative teams with 10 students to participate in the IOAA and 7 students from Olympiads School participated in the IOAA.

Computer Science Competitions


1) International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)


In 2020, 3 students from the Olympiads school were selected for the 4-member national team to represent Canada in the (online) IOI held in Singapore. They were:


  • Gold Medal: Thomas Guo
  • Silver Medal: Christopher Trevisan, and George Chen



2) Canadian Computing Olympiad (CCO)


In 2020, 18 out of 24 students from Olympiads School were qualified to write the CCO. They achieved outstanding results in the CCO.


  • Gold medals: 5 students across Canada received and 4 of them were from Olympiads School. They were George Chen, Thomas Guo, Christopher Trevisan and Andrew Dong
  • Silver medals: 9 students across Canada received and 7 of them were from Olympiads School. They were Juho Kim, Sunny Lan, William Li, Ava Pun, Junyi Wang, Richard Yi, and Evan Zhang
  • Bronze medals: 10 students across Canada received and 6 of them were from Olympiads School. They were Yi Deng, Max Li, Johnson Wu, Alex Tianyi Xu, Andrew Xue, Richard Zhang

Michael Smith Science Contest


In 2020, a total of 1438 students participated in the Michael Smith Science Contest. Many


Olympiads’ students achieved great results as well:

  • Two students top 1%, they were Ancheng Wang, Stanley Liu
  • Two students top 3%, they were Ryan Shen, Antian Jiang
  • One students top 10%, they were Benjamin Dong

Debate Competitions


1) World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC)


In 2020, two students from Olympiads School Angela Li and Max Rosen were selected for the 5-member national team, and one student Angie Lei was selected for the 3-member alternate team. They represented Canada in the WSDC.


In this competition, a three-person team composed of Angela Li, Max Rosen and Matt Anzarouth won the world championship. Angela Li and Max Rosen won the 5th and 6th individual competitions respectively.


2) Harvard College World Schools Invitational


  • Champions: Max Rosen and Angela Li
  • Finalists: Randy Chang and Stellar Zhang
  • Semifinalists: Jasma Zhou and Joseph Wu
  • Semifinalists: Joy Liu, Catherina Ma and Calvin Xu
  • Quarterfinalists: Gaby Lin and Serena Yuan
  • Octofinalist: Angie Lei (former)
  • Octofinalists: Alyssa Li, Rally Lin, Maria Xu


  • Top Speaker Randy Chang
  • 3rd Speaker Stellar Zhang
  • 5th Speaker Angela Li
  • 10th Speaker Gaby Lin


The above two debates are international level. In addition, there are many national, provincial, and university level debate competitions.

Writing Competitions


1) The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition


In the 2020 Queen’s Commonwealth Composition Competition, approximately 13,000 students from all over the world participated in the competition. Olympiads School student Cassandra Nguyen won the Junior winner.


2) Polar Expressions


In 2020, Olympiads school student Crystal Xue of Grade 12 won the 1st place.


3) Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2020


First Round:


  • Gold Key: Liana Jia, Flash Fiction, A New Life
  • Gold Key: Yang Ma, Poetry, Endsieg
  • Silver Key: Liana Jia, Short Story, Shop of Desires
  • Honorable Mention: Ming Mei Dang,  Short Story, Howl of the North Wind
  • Honorable Mention: Amy Jia, Flash Fiction, Three Dollars and Thirty Cents for A Friend
  • Honorable Mention: Annie Li, Flash Fiction, The Fishy Bird
  • Honorable Mention: Angela Luo, Short Story, The Lonesome Soloist
  • Honorable Mention, Yang Ma, Short Story, Of Flame and Water


Final Round:


  • Angela Luo, Grade 9, Hit My DMs, National Silver Medal

Private School Application


SSAT Exams (In 2019/2020 Academic Year)


  • Middle Level: There were 38 students invited by University of Toronto Schools (UTS) to attend stage two and 32 students scored more than 2000 in the SSAT exam.


  • Upper Level: There were 21 students invited by University of Toronto Schools UTS to attend stage two and 19 students scored more than 2100 in the SSAT exam.