Timetable Format Example:

1. Courses starting with * are in person, while all other courses are online. 


2. For courses that occurse twice a week, nomrally they are paird as Monday + Thursday, Tuesday + Friday, Saturday + Sunday or Wednesday + one day of the weekend.


3. For courses that occurse three times a week, they are nomrally bundled on Monday + Wednesday + Friday other than some indiviual courses. 

English G5 (3) => grade 5, one class per week, 3rd session

SSAT-Middle x3 (2) => grade 6 to 7,3 classes per week,2nd session

Chemistry G12 x2 (2) => grade 12, two classes per week, 2nd session

Math Curriculum Camp G6 x3 (1) => grace 6, 3 classes per week, 1st session

Colour Legend: (Currently still being updated)

YELLOW: Section Almost Full        RED: Section Full        TEAL: Newly Added Section

Please select the relevant criteria for a simplified timetable.

If the interested section is full while no other time slot is suitable, then pleaes feel free to either email us or inform our staff during the registration appointment to be put onto waiting list.