Olympiads School News

Cancellation Of All In-person Classes Due To COVID-19

Due to the rapid development of the COVID-19 situation, Olympiads School will once again cancel all in-person classes to ensure parents and students safety from March 14 – April 5. We will be closely monitoring the situation and extend the closing for as long as needed.

When we first started online classes, most of them are in the recorded video format. Two weeks ago, we have started some of our courses in the live streaming format.

During the school’s closing period, we will continue to offer online classes like before. However, beside the current live Zoom classes, we will gradually transition many of the recorded online classes to live Zoom classes in the near future to improve our online class quality. We will email new live Zoom class notices to parents. Please check them regularly.

Since most classes are based on previous classes’ knowledge, we strongly recommend students to not miss the online classes. When all classes eventually resume, they will continue from where the online classes left off.

Olympiads School will still be marking homework for all online classes. Parents can drop off students’ homework at our front desk. However, due to the amount of emails we are receiving recently, we are not accepting homework through email. For parents’ convenience, homework can be dropped off once every two or three weeks.

We will post every week’s notes and homework online. We ask parents to please remind students to review them as to not fall behind when regular classes resume.


Thank you for your cooperation.