HMMT photo

In 2009, Cindy Guo, Han Gao, David Yu, and Jiun-Ruey Hu from Olympiads have been accepted by Harvard, Cornell, Yale, and Princeton University respectively.

In the past, Olympiads students Alan Guo, Jiayang, Lin Fei, Yan Li, Yang Zhu, and Chuyang Liu have been accepted by the best US universities such as Stanford, Columbia, MIT, Yale, and Wellesley College respectively.

John Liu participated in the 2009 Euclid math contest (grade 12) and received a perfect score.

Yan Li from Olympiads School had participated twice (2008 and 2007) in the International Mathematical Olympiads and received a silver and bronze medal respectively.

Fang Guo and Edison Chen both participated in the 2009 AMC 12 contest and received a perfect score.

Bill Wu and Melody Guan both participated in the 2009 AMC 10 and received a perfect score.

Ben Hu received a perfect score in the grade 11 Hypatia math contest.

Jerry Wu participated in the 2009 Euler math contest (grade 7) and received a perfect score.

In 2009, 7 students from Olympiads School participated in the COMC and qualified for the CMO.

In 2009, 4 students from Olympiads qualified to write the USAMO.


Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament: Toronto’s Olympiads School returns Victorious

On February 24th, 2007, select students from Olympiads School participated in the 10th Annual HMMT contest, returning with numerous victories and new achievements.  Among these students is Yan Li, who received first place in the Geometry individual competition, and second place overall; Tony Wan, who received third place in Calculus; Alan Guo and Max Zhou, who shared third place for Geometry.  Also, Olympiads School’s first representative team claimed fifth place in the Sweepstakes competition, and fourth place in the GUTS A competition.  Our second representative team received third place in TEAM B.  Once again, we have earned recognition for Toronto’s Chinese students, and brought good news to the Chinese community of Toronto.

The HMMT (Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament) is a mathematics contest for all American secondary school students, hosted in turn by Harvard University and MIT.  This contest requires considerable skill, as it contains difficult questions and a pressing time limit.  It greatly challenges a student’s mathematics fundamentals.  The individual competition is divided up into four categories: Algebra, Geometry, Combined Mathematics, and Calculus.  Meanwhile, there are two types of group competitions: TEAM and GUTS.  The TEAM competition allows for up to 8 people per group, and an individual may only participate in 2 individual competitions.

As of 2007, the HMMT has become one of the biggest and most influential mathematics contests in America.  This year, there were over 600 participants and over 80 teams.  Olympiads School is one of only two schools to send representatives from outside the United States; the other team reportedly comes from England.  Last year, we were the only non-American participants in the HMMT.  In the 9th Annual HMMT, Olympiads School received second in Geometry and fifth in Algebra.  This year, our students have vastly improved both their math skills and enhanced their mental preparation.  Hence, the students of Olympiads School were able to do their best in all categories.  This is especially true in the TEAM competition, wherein one must use their own mathematical skills in cooperation with other team members – a good opportunity for developing a student’s team spirit.

The HMMT competition has allowed Olympiads’ students to realize that American students are very skilled; indeed, some have represented the United States at the International Mathematical Olympiads.  In comparison with such strong opponents, we still have some ground to make up.  This indicates that America’s system of mathematical education, as well as the test-taking abilities of American students, far exceed that of Canada.  Yet at the same time, we had an opportunity to showcase Olympiads School students’ individual talents.  Among over 600 participants – the majority of whom are American – our students received first place in one individual category and third place in another; among over 80 teams, one of our teams received third place in the TEAM B competition, and the other reached fourth place in the TEAM A competition.  Evidently, even when facing strong competitors, Olympiads’ students are nonetheless outstanding.

On February 5th, 2006, our school participated in the HMMT for the first time.  Jia Guo received second place in the Geometry competition, and Lin Fei received fifth place in the Algebra competition; both students brought honour to our school and to all Chinese students in Toronto.

This year, Jia Guo has been admitted by Stanford University, while Lin Fei has been admitted into MIT.  In addition, one of our team members, Jia Yang Jiang, has been admitted into Columbia University.