10. Jiun-Ruey Hu 2009年被普林斯顿大学录取.这是他在奥校举办的关于美国大学申请的讲座上做演讲
  1. In 2010, Jianneng Li, Peter Cui, Jack Gao, Ben Hu, Michael Zhang, Wendy Sun, and Jiun-Ruey Hu have been respectively by Cornell University, UC Berkeley, Princeton University, Columbia University, Wellesley College.
  2. Michael Zhang represented Canada in the 2010 International Physics Olympiads.
  3. Alethea Yi participated in the 2010 AMC 12 and received a perfect score of 150. There are only 5 people in North America with a perfect score.
  4. In the 2010 Euler series math contest, Olympiads students Kevin Wu(G9), Richard Du(G9), Xiaoze Wu (G9), Scarlett Li (G9), Yexinhao Zhou (G8), Matthew Ye (G7), Jackie Peng (G6) all received or tied for first place in each of their respective contests.
  5. Kevin Zhou , Leo Guo, Kevin Wu, John Liu, Matthew Brennan, Fang Guo, and Changho Hanparticipated in the 2010 United States of America Mathematical Olympiad. There are only 26 students in Canada who have been qualified to write this prestigious contest.