Chris and Andrew 2013 - 2014 revised
  1. American University Acceptance

This year, there are six students who have been accepted by top universities from the U.S.

  • Claire Chen has been accepted by Harvard University
  • Thomas Lo has been accepted by Caltech, University of Chicago, Cornell University, and Cambridge University.
  • Jerry Pang has been accepted by Dartmouth College.
  • Jerry Wu has been accepted by University of California, Berkeley.
  • Shuyan Ouyang has been accepted by University of California, Berkeley.
  • Richard Li has been accepted by University of California, Los Angeles.
  1. Physics Contest Achievement

In this year’s Canadian National Physics Olympiad, which is considered the most prestigious physics contest in Canada, Chris Ni and Andrew Kim from Olympiads School received the 2th and 5th place respectively, and have been accepted to the Canadian team. The national team is composed of 5 members, and will go to the 45th International Physics Olympiad that will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan, 13th – 21st of July, 2014. Besides that, Zhongyi Wei, another student from Olympiads School, is also ranked as the top ten students overall. Big congratulations to all three of them!

  1. Computer Science Contest Achievement

In this year’s Canadian National Computer Olympiad, which is considered the most prestigious computer contest in Canada, Yixiao Zhang and Yikuan Li are qualified for the final stage – the 26th International Olympiads in Informatics at Taiwan. The national team is composed of 4 members. Besides this, Calvin Liu, Kevin Pei and Henry Wu from Olympiads School are the other three participants in the stage 2 test. There were 21 students in total in the second stage.

  1. Chemistry Contest Achievement

In this year’s Canadian National Chemistry Olympiad – the most well-known chemistry contest in Canada, three students from Olympiads School were selected to join the national camp, they are Ruby Zhang, John Zhou and Sabrina Ge. John Zhou and Sabrina Ge were later accepted to the Canadian team, and will go to the International Chemistry Olympiad in Vietnam this summer.

  1. SSAT Achievement

27 Students from Olympiads’ SSAT class passed the cut-off line of the exam to the University of Toronto Schools. 17 students from the class received above 2000 points. Among all of them, Robert Menezes and Victoria Ho received 2127 and 2107 respectively.

  1. Math Contest Achievement

Two students from Olympiads School, Bill Huang and Jerry Wu, participated in the 2014 Canadian Mathematics Olympiad (CMO) and received 6th and 8th place respectively. This contest is the most prestigious math contest in Canada. A total of 9 students received the distinction of Top Winners, and 6 of them are from the U.S. Eight students from Olympiads School have been qualified to write the Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad because of their excellent performance in Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (only twenty students from Canada were qualified).