Achievement 2017 – 2018

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US and UK University Acceptance (2017-2018)

This year, 10 Olympiads students have been accepted into elite US and UK universities.


  • Harvard University: Dasha Metropolitansky, Lisa Wang
  • Princeton University: Edward Tian
  • Stanford University: Helena Zhang
  • University of Oxford: Steven Ye
  • University of Cambridge: George Mo
  • University of Chicago: Smonica Lin
  • University of California (Berkeley): Dixun Cui
  • New York University: Alex Hu
  • Johns Hopkins University: Bernard Pan

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Mathematics Competitions

1) International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

This year, four students from Olympiads School, William Zhao, Victor Rong, Thomas Guo, and Howard Halim had been selected to represent Canada to compete in the IMO in Romania. All four of them received silver medals.



William Zhao (left 3), Victor Rong (left 2), Howard Halim (right 2), Thomas Guo (left 1)

2) Canadian Mathematics Olympiad (CMO

This year, the top 3 contestants of the CMO are all from Olympiads School. They are:

  • First place: Victor Rong
  • Second place: Howard Halim
  • Third place: William Zhao

Former Olympiads School students Thomas Guo and Bill Qin, who are currently studying in the U.S., received top six.

4) European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad

Two students from Olympiads School Elnaz Hessammi-Pilehrood and Jennifer Liang had been selected to the national team. Each country can only select four students to form a team. This is this first time that Canada has formed a team to participate in this competition. Elnaz Hessami-Pilehrood received a silver medal and Jennifer Liang received a bronze medal.


Elnaz Hessami Pilehrood (left) and Jennifer Liang (right)

3) Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC

Canadian Champions:

  • Silver medal: Victor Rong
  • Honour Roll: Howard Halim, William Zhao

Best in Canada by Grades:

  • Grade 12: Honour Roll – Jeffrey Yufan Liu, Elnaz Hessami Pilehrood
  • Grade 11: Silver Medal – Victor Rong; Honour Roll – Howard Halim, William Zhao
  • Grade 10: Gold Medal – Michael Li; Silver Medal – David Tang; Honour Roll – Zhiyang Chen
  • Grade 9: Bronze Medal – Andrew Dong; Honour Roll– Eric Shen
  • Grade 8: Honour Roll – Maria Hessami Pilehrood

5) University of Waterloo grade 12 Euclid math competition

This year, only five students received the Plaque award. They all scored between 92 to 100. The top two students are both from Olympiads School. In addition, five of the sixteen Honourable Mention students (students with scores between 90 – 91) are also from Olympiads School. Below is a list of students in the top two score ranges.


92 – 100

  • Jeffrey Liu (100)
  • Victor Rong (99)

89 – 91

  • Howard Halim
  • Michael Li
  • Ethan Liu
  • Matthew Yang
  • William Zhao

6) American Mathematics Competition (AMC)


  • Achievement Roll: Maria Hessami-Pilehrood, Gavin Song, Evelina Zheng, Howard Ou, Thomas Wang


AMC 10 A (Canada)

  • Achievement Roll: Brian Wang
  • Honour Roll: Yingwen Bu, Qinghao Wang, Larry Wu


AMC 10 B (Canada)

  • Honour Roll: Zhiyang Chen, Jeffrey Li, Larry Wu, Joey Zou


AMC 12 A (Canada)

  • Achievement Roll: Howard Halim, Victor Rong, William Zhao, Michael Li, David Tang,
  • Honour Roll: Jerry Bao, Isaac Liao, Christopher Chifor, Lin Deng, Xuanze Li, Yifan Liu


AMC 12 B (Canada)

  • Honour Roll: Henry Hu, Matthew Yang, Xiaolu Zhang

7) USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO)

This year, three Canadian students are either the winners or received honourable mention. All three students are from Olympiads School

  • Winners (top 12 contestants): Victor Rong and Thomas Guo:
  • Honourable Mentions: William Zhao


The 47th USAMO winners: Thomas Guo (right 1), Victor Rong (middle), and William Zhao (left 1)

8) Harvard-MIT Math Tournament (HMMT)

This year, Olympiads School team achieved amazing results at the HMMT. William Zhao received 3rd place in the Individual Algebra competition. Michael Li received 5th place in the Individual Combinatorics competition and 10th place in the individual overall score. Olympiads School student who is currently studying at Phillips Exeter Academy, Thomas Guo, received 4th place in the Individual Geometry competition. Olympiads School team Arcana received 9th place in the team competition Guts Round and 10th place in the Team Aggregate score.


For the details, please click here.


Second row from left to right: Jerry Bao, Victor Rong, William Zhao, Michael Li, Henry Tang
First row from left to right: Coco Huang, Jeffrey Liu, Patrick Prochazka

9) American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME – USAMO Qualifier)

This year, nine Canadian students qualified to write the USAMO through AIME. Of these nine students, seven are from Olympiads School. They are Victor Rong, Thomas Guo, William Zhao, Howard Halim, Bill Qin, Michael Li, and David Tang.

10) American Regions Mathematics League (ARML)

This year, Olympiads School student Michael Li received 8th place in the overall individual score, the highest score of all Canadian students.


Olympiads School team at the ARML

Physics Competitions

1) International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) Lisbon, Portugal

This year, three students from Olympiads School had been selected to represent Canada at the International Physics Olympiad in Portugal. Every country can only select five members.


David Tang and Steven Mai received bronze medal. Isaac Liao received honourable mention.


Olympiads School’s principal Allen Jiang was invited by the national coach to join the team together at the IPhO in Lisbon.

Mr. Allen Jiang (left 2), Isaac Liao (left 4), David Tang (right 4), Steven Mai (right 2)

2) Canadian Association of Physics competition (CAP)

This year, Olympiads School student Mingyang Ye received first place in the CAP competition. In addition, seven out of the top 20 students are from Olympiads School. They are:


  • First place: Mingyang Ye
  • Fourth place: Steven Mai
  • Sixth place: David Tang
  • Seventh place: Isaac Liao
  • Ninth place: Michael Li
  • Thirteenth place: Raymond Zhou和Richard Yuchen Zhu
  • Eighteenth place: Zhiyang Chen



Team leader Ryan Lin (left 3), Jim Chen (left 4), Devdigvijay Singh (left 5),Lexuan Liu (right 4),Tony Cao (right 3),Zhi Yang Chen (right 2),Leo Hanxu (right 1)

3) International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT)

Olympiads School team received first place in the qualifying Canadian Young Physicists’ Tournament and represented Canada in the 2018 IYPT in Beijing this year. Our team received a bronze medal.


Computer Science Competitions

1) International Olympiad of Informatics (IOI)

This year, three Olympiads School students had been selected to participate in the IOI in Japan. These students are:

  • Gold Medal: Joey Yu
  • Silver Medal: Victor Rong and Ava Pun


Victor Rong (right 3), Ava Pun (left 2), Joey Yu (left 3), Mr. Nan (right 1)





Olympiads School students in a computer science class

2) Canadian Computing Olympiad (CCO)

Ten Olympiads School students achieved outstanding results at the CCO. They are:

  • Gold Medal: Joey Yu, Ava Pun, Victor Rong
  • Silver Medal: Brian Chau, Jeffrey Liu, Jacky Liao (Ziyu)
  • Bronze Medal: Roger Fu, Allan Xu, Sunny Lan, Richard Yi

3) Canadian Computing Competition (CCC)

This year, twenty-two students qualified for the CCO through CCC. Eleven of these students are from Olympiads School. They are: Brian Chau, Roger Fu, Sunny Lan, Ziyu Liao(Jacky), Jeffrey Liu, Ava Pun, Victor Rong, Yuheng Xu(Jack), Allan Xu, Richard Yi, Joey Yu.


Chemistry Competitions

International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO)

Olympiads School student Judy Xia (Ziting) was one of the four students selected to participate in the IChO 2018 at Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Biology Competitions

International Biology Olympiad (IBO)

Out of the four students selected to participate in the 2018 IBO in Iran, three of those students are from Olympiads School. They are Purab Patel, Frank Chen, Valerie Liu. Both Purab Patel and Frank Chen received bronze medals.

Writing Competitions

1) 2018 Young Writers Creative Writing Contest

  • In “Words from the Heart – School Prize Winners”, Olympiads School received Excellence Winners in the School group.
  • In “Words from the Heart – Student Prize Winners”, Olympiads School student, Mingmei Dong received first place in the 16-18 group.
  • In “Words from the Heart – Student Prize Winners”, Olympiads School student, Crystal Xue received Excellence Winners in the students group.

2) Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is an annual American writing competition. Three of Olympiads School’s students’ works received the Gold Keys recognition and qualified for the next round of competition. These students are Yiling Yang, Ming Mei Dang, and Sherry Shu.

Debate Competitions

In 2018, three students from Olympiads School, Naomi Panovka, Max Rosen, and Angela Li were selected to join the Canadian national team. They will participate in the 2019 World Schools Debating Championship. Every country is allowed to select only five students.

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