Debate Contest Results

Debate Contest Results

2021 Hart House results ( Feb 13, 2021 )


Champion Gaby Lin

Finalists Justin Zhou and Randy Chang

Semfinalists Jack Zhu and Kevin Han

Semifinalist Heather Li

Semifinalist Sarenna McKellar

Semifinalist Andrew Shi

Top Speaker Gaby Lin

8th Speaker Randy Chang

10th Speaker Maria Xu

Top Jr. Speaker Jin Zhou


Western Spring HS and Hart House Women and Gender Minorities Tournament (Mar. 9, 2021)


There were two big tournaments last weekend.


Western Spring HS

Finalists Jin Zhou and Claire Chen

Finalist Leo Zhang

Semifinalist Justin Zhou and Edward Yang

Semifinalist Grace Liang

Quarterfinalist Fiona Shen

Quarterfinalists Larissa Long and Randy Chang

Quarterfinalist David Zu

Quarterfinalists Molly Jin and Caroline Ding

4th Speaker Grace Liang

8th Speaker Rally Lin

9th Speaker Claire Chen

10th Speaker Ethan Li

Top Jr. Speaker Grace Liang




Hart House Women and Gender Minorities Tournament


Champion Stellar Zhang

Finalists Maria Xu and Isabelle Guo

Finalists Gaby Lin and Alyssa Li

Semifinalist Jasma Zhou

Top Speaker Stellar Zhang

Top Speaker (2nd on std. dev) Isabelle Guo

3rd Speaker (tied) Maria Xu

5th Speaker (tied) Gaby Lin

8th Speaker Jasma Zhou




2021 OSDU Jr. Provincial Championships


Champions Julian Zhang and Jason Fu

2nd Place Team Grace Liang

6th Place Team Caylee Pan and Karen Zhang

8th Place Team Errita Xu


Top Speaker Grace Liang

2nd Speaker Jason Fu

4th Speaker Julian Zhang

8th Speaker Jin Zhou

9th Speaker Karen Zhang


Team Canada Tryout

OSDU selects three students from Ontario for the Team Canada try-out. All of them are from Olympiads School this year. They are:

  • Andrew Shi
  • Ethan Li
  • Michael Chen


The following Olympiads School students were granted alternate spots to attend by the selection committee:

  • Rally Lin
  • Edward Yang
  • Maria Xu
  • Alyssa Li
  • Justin Zhou
  • Stellar Zhang
  • Isabelle Guo
  • Vivek Sapru


Out of the eight students who were granted the alternate spots, the following three students were selected to attend the official Team Canada try-out:

  • Rally Lin
  • Maria Xu
  • Stellar Zhang


The following are the links for national and provincial debate: