U.S. University Application Seminar – Peer Inspiration


As the Spring term comes to an end, Olympiads School would like to congratulate 21 outstanding students who have been accepted into numerous elite U.S. universities. These students have studied at Olympiads School and attended seminars led by our former students. To continue the tradition of supporting our students, we have invited ten students to share their experiences of applying to highly competitive universities. From June 24 to June 26, these students will lead seminars on the U.S. university application process. We hope that their personal stories will benefit students who aspire to apply to U.S. universities.

All seminars will be conducted in English. The ten speakers and the universities that have offered acceptances are as follows:

  • Aaron Guo: University of Chicago (Economics)
  • Alex Wu: Harvard University
  • Arthur Zhou: University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
  • Boya Zhang: Cornell University
  • Hilary Song: Columbia University
  • Joanna Guo: Cornell/Duke/Johns Hopkins University
  • Lillian Zhang: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Michelle Li: Yale University
  • Olivia Nie: Harvard University
  • Oliver Wang: Columbia University

For more detailed information about the seminars, please refer to the following table:

Time Speaker Admission Fee Location
Friday, June 24


Alex Wu, Boya Zhang,Lillian Zhang and Michelle Li $10/person Olympiads School
Saturday, June 25


Arthur Zhou, Joanna Guo, Oliver Wang and Olivia Nie $10/person Olympiads School
Sunday, June 26


Aaron Guo, Arthur Zhou, Hilary Song and Lillian Zhang $10/person Olympiads School


Payments will be processed at the front desk in Olympiads School. Due to the limited seats available, reservations will be held on a first come, first served basis.