Inspiration Night Event

Inspiration Night Event

On January 11, 2015, Olympiads School successfully hosted a large educational seminar event.

This event had had the opportunity of been interviewed by a number of media organizations including Xinhua News, China News, CHINA DAILY, and CCTV. Three days after the event, our event had been broadcasted on their official websites.

We would like to celebrate the New Year with everyone who attended the event. The Inspiration Night event is the largest event Olympiads School had event hosted since its inception over a decade ago. There were over 1000 guests present during the event. Some even travelled all the way from Niagara Falls.


The majority of the event had been organized by students. The speakers, hosts, volunteers, and even backend organizers were mostly students.

In order to ensure an informative and engaging event, Olympiads School tried to make the presentation as comprehensive as possible, covering topics ranging from general academic success to US college application process.

We had invited 8 guest speakers to the event. Three of them have participated in the toughest national and international competitions. The other five have been accepted by the most prestigious universities in the world. During their presentations, they have shared their experiences, stories, and advices on how to succeed in different academic disciplines.


We hope all the students who had attended this event have learned something encouraging and inspiring. Since this was our first major event, it did not progress as smoothly as we liked. We would appreciate everyone’s feedback on how we could improve for future events. Olympiads will continue to offer an amazing environment for students to develop and discover their talents.