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Students who got into Top US – UK Universities in 2020

23 students of Olympiads have been admitted to top universities in United States and United Kingdom in 2020. We invited them to share their experience and tips on Zoom, to get into these universities. Many of these successful students have listened to the shared experiences of previous years students who have entered the top U.S. […]

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Debate Contest Results

2021 Hart House results ( Feb 13, 2021 )   Champion Gaby Lin Finalists Justin Zhou and Randy Chang Semfinalists Jack Zhu and Kevin Han Semifinalist Heather Li Semifinalist Sarenna McKellar Semifinalist Andrew Shi Top Speaker Gaby Lin 8th Speaker Randy Chang 10th Speaker Maria Xu Top Jr. Speaker Jin Zhou   Western Spring HS […]

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Olympiads’ students won the Queen’s University Middle School Student Debate

2021 Queen’s University Debate Championship for Middle School Students The High School Student Debate Tournament hosted by Queen’s is held on the weekend of January 8-10. The tournament is one of the three most prestigious university-sponsored debate tournaments of the year. Congratulations to the students of the Olympic School for their bravery again Won the crown. […]

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Olympiads Students won the Debate tournament again

A week ago, the BP Championship held by the Ontario Debating Society (OSDU) and the High School Student Autumn Debate at University of Western Ontario (Western) just came to an end, and the students of the Olympiads School won the championship again. Among them, the teams that have achieved excellent […]

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Olympiads School Students Won the McGill University Annual BP Debating Tournament

The McGill High School Student Debate Tournament (BP) is the first major debate tournament held since the beginning of the fall term. Due to COVID-19, this competition was held online this year […]

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The Canadian team won the 2020 International Young Physicists Championship

In the 33rd International Young Physicists’ Tournament IYPT held in September 2020, the Canadian team united and fought together to win the championship! This year’s IYPT was hosted by Georgia It was held on September 4-7, 2020. It only took 5 years for Canadian team […]

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